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Composite Tumor Model

Composite Tumor Model

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The VTT Composite Type is a one-use surgical task trainer designed for more complex tumor removal practice sessions. This round model's base is made of medium-density VTT covered in a thin layer of dense VTT. One synthetic, spherical tumor is embedded in the center. 


  • Thick enough to be used for tumor detection via palpation.
  • Compatible with laparoscopic dry boxes.
  • Responds realistically to electrocautery and other energy-based surgical devices.
  • Creates little to no dead space when suturing post-operatively.

Recommended uses: Biospy, palpation for tumors, tumor enucleation and post-op suturing practice, subcutaneous incision techniques.

Dimensions6 x 9.5 x 1.5 cm; 110 g

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Care Guide

This product has a stable shelf life at room temperature for 12 months (unopened).

After opening, please wipe off excess moisture with a paper towel or cloth.

Please use immediately after opening.

Please do not store in temperatures below 0°C.

This product is made of concentrated Japanese konyaku root and other non-hazardous, vegan ingredients. You may dispose of it after use as you would daily food trash.