A plant-based, high-fidelity training tissue from Japan.

VTT (Versatile Training Tissue) is a food-grade proprietary simulated tissue that uses konjac potato powder as its key ingredient. It closely resembles human tissuein terms of tensile strength, elasticity, and heat resistance.

Due to its organic nature, VTT be used with regular scalpels or with energy devices like electrocautery. It is also viable for other medical procedures such as suturing, ultrasounds, injections, clamping, and tweezing. 

VTT does not contain any animal products or harmful chemicals. With VTT, we hope to reduce the reliance on porcine and animal models, plastics, and even in some cases human cadavers.

Our Story

KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc. is a medical manufacturing startup based in Saitama, Japan. We create innovative, high-quality medical simulators for device makers and training programs.

In Japanese, the word kotobuki (寿) means long life. Our goal is to increase the longevity and quality of life by improving medical training around the world.

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