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A unique open-air laparoscopic training system

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The Omni-Trainer is an open-air training box that facilitates laparoscopic training in any department. This multifunctional box has four arms that allow flexible port and model positioning. 

Caution: No camera or screen is included with this device.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Four arms in total, one for a camera, two for laparoscopic ports, and one for a training tray.
  • Support for a wide variety of settings including diamond, parallel, coaxial, and more.
  • Tray placement includes upside-down and vertical settings to recreate inguinal or abdominal hernias.
  • Included A4 size soft carry case for easy transport.\


  • Omni-Trainer: 20 x 25 cm; 3 kg
  • Omni-Trainer Case: 38 x 27 cm
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